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Sports Physical

It is that time of year again. Parents are trying to get everything ready for the start of school and sports physicals adds one more thing to the list. . It can be a pain to try and get an appointment with a primary care provider for a physical when everyone is trying to get their kid in. You want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. At Kernodle Clinic, we provide walk-in sports physicals at our Burlington, NC office location. We provide a comprehensive examination and can discuss with you and your child concerns and how to address any potential athletic risks.


The state of North Carolina requires a physical before children are allowed to participate in recreational or school athletics. For more information about North Carolina High School Athletic Association sports physical details visit To save time, before you come to Kernodle, print a copy of the NCHSAA Sports Pre-Participation Form off and go ahead and fill out the sections to be completed by the athlete and parent. Contact your county’s recreation department to determine the requirements for recreational sports physicals.

Sports Physical Components

Most sports physicals include two different sections. One section is a summary of the athlete’s medical history and family medical history. This portion provides insight to the physician so they have a background to help guide the performing the physical examination, which is the other section of the physical. The physical examination section makes sure that the athlete is physically fit enough to participate in sports. It also helps assure that historical medical conditions won’t present too much of a risk for them to safely participate.

Medical History Section includes:

Past injuries



Family history of illness



History of trouble breathing, chest pain, passing out or dizziness

Physical Examination Section includes:

Vision, height and weight check

Lungs, heart, nose, ears and throat exam

Blood pressure and heart rate check

Back, neck and joint test


Kernodle Walk-In Physicals Burlington NC /Urgent Care

Kernodle’s Walk-In/Urgent Care Department provides many different services for patients who need prompt medical attention, but it may not be a medical emergency. Kernodle Walk-In/Urgent Care provides walk-in sports physicals to patients in Burlington, NC and surrounding areas. For more information about our services, contact us at our office.